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About Kaleb House

Grindstone Ministries is building Kaleb House in eastern Oklahoma, a facility for the rehabilitation and restoration for juvenile survivors of human trafficking in America.  


In January 2020, we began a multi-phase deployment of Grindstone Ministries construction mission teams to Mount Arukah in Oklahoma to assist with the Bethany House project there. During deployments to build and complete the Bethany House residential facility, we came to learn more about the horror and breadth of the human trafficking industry right here in America and the need for more facilities to help bring juvenile victims out of that horror and provide them with a safe haven to begin the restoration process.


Human trafficking in America is a $150 Billion/year industry. Currently all facilities in the US combined only have a total of 420 DHS-approved beds for survivors to lay their head safely at night after being rescued. Kaleb House will add 60 more.


These children that are rescued need a place to go where they can heal physically, emotionally, developmentally, educationally, and spiritually. Kaleb House will provide not only the safe place, but a fully staffed and resourced program for those purposes.


Kaleb House will be the first such facility that Grindstone Ministries builds, there will be more.

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